Join Me!

I have created a private Facebook group just for Women looking to learn more about taking a holistic and balanced approach to endurance training! It is called Holistic Tri Training for Women Group. This group is for YOU if you want to:

  • Learn the latest on nutrition, training and recovery tips
  • Share and chat about your experiences with training, racing, fueling, nutrition and life with other female triathletes
  • Learn more about fueling the body for optimal performance (no this doesn't mean boring ass recipes or foods all the time...and, once you fuel your body with nutrient dense foods, you actually start to crave the healthy nutrients and minerals our body needs!)
  • Learn how to create a balanced approach to triathlon training and still have a life! (believe me, I know how easy it is to let training consume your life...been there, done that!)
  • Get access to recipes that fuel your body for energy, free webinars, free athlete specific handouts and more!

Are you ready to join?! .. I can’t wait to see you in the group!

Holistic Training for Women

Take a holistic approach to training and nutrition so you can achieve optimal performance without neglecting work, family, life and health.