I feel great. I swear I have more energy and I'm not as stiff when I get up from my desk at work. We both had comments today that we look "fitter". I can tell I have more energy and less joint pain. I sleep well. This process has been great as it makes us focus on what and when we are eating and drinking. Thank you for everything!

Jan & Sharon J.

Avid Cyclists

Thank you again for all the great information!! I am feeling great and it feels good to be eating clean!! Thank you for answering all my questions throughout the program, and for being an awesome health coach!! It was a great experience!!

Tammy A.

Health Coach Client

Working with Courtney was an absolute pleasure. From our first phone call, I felt as though I had known her for years. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about many different aspects of wellness, but she makes your treatment feel highly personalized. She has a calming presence that immediately puts you at ease. Her sessions are structured enough that you feel confident you're making progress, but informal in a way that facilitates open communication. I had some needs and requests that fell outside of my original goals that we set in the beginning, and Courtney was ready and willing to do her best to accommodate me. I wanted a coach that would approach my wellness in a holistic way that considered all aspects of my health, and that is exactly what I got with Courtney. Throughout our time together, I felt as though she genuinely cared about me and enjoyed our time together. Now, going forward, I know I have a confidant and amazing resource to whom I can always turn.


Three-Month Health Coach Client

While working with Courtney, I learned that I didn't have enough healthy fats in my diet. After I changed some things up, my energy levels are much better and I don't feel as tired in the afternoons anymore. I really appreciate the time Courtney took to explain everything and how she helped bring everything together for me so I know how to implement things going forward.

Katie M.

Pro Triathlete

I've always been in awe of Courtney's accomplishments as both an athlete and professional and was very pleased when she agreed to become my coach. In just the first few months of working together, I can already tell a difference in the level of comfort I feel in my training. Courtney is very attentive and not only requests that you involve her in your workouts, but also offers important feedback to ensure proper recovery and results. She takes the time out to learn about you and what works for your body and schedule. Courtney has also taken the time to look at my food journal and has provided suggestions and tips for fueling on a daily basis and before, during and after training. Courtney has already exceeded my expectations as a coach and I would recommend her to anyone.

Tania G

IRONMAN/Marathon Endurance Athlete

Take a holistic approach to training and nutrition so you can achieve optimal performance without neglecting work, family, life and health.